What is Cambrist?

Cambrist enables retail banks to bring travel card features and benefits to their existing debit & credit card programmes. Cambrist’s innovative multi-currency processing platform offers a turnkey, fully managed service that empowers banks to:

•  Increase FX Transparency by offering cardholders real-time access to the bank's chosen FX rates before purchases are made abroad.

•  Add Certainty, by enabling cardholders to “lock” or guarantee a fixed FX rate on their debit or credit cards for the duration of their trip.

•  Compete with fintech disruptors by seamlessly adding multi-currency wallets to existing debit card programmes, without requiring major changes to existing card processing systems.

Cambrist facilitates real-time foreign currency processing with industry leading market-makers. Our technology is a flexible, cloud based Fx management platform designed to integrate with issuers and processors in a very light-touch manner, minimising the efforts of our partners.


Why Cambrist?

Accelerate Growth

Increase your cardholders’ transparency and control over the FX rates applied to their cross border payments and drive growth in international spend.

Be Innovative

Leverage leading edge advancements in real-time, multi-currency processing to redefine international card payments.

Built for the Future

Our systems are designed as a platform for new, innovative foreign currency payment products & services.



Fully Compatible

Our tech solutions are simple, elegant and compatible with existing processor ISO or API based transaction architectures.


Our infrastructure ensures reliability and security for high volume payment transaction processing, settlement and reconciliation.