Cambrist’s Issuer Multi-currency Optimisation (Issuer MCO) solution empowers banks and processors to control and optimise the Fx rates & margins applied to their customers’ international card payments.

Issuer MCO enables card issuers and processors (of debit, credit, prepaid, virtual or mobile payment products) to authorise & settle in the merchant’s acquiring currency for international transactions, while simultaneously maintaining single-currency customer account structure and processing standard within most card programs.


Benefits of Issuer MCO

Increase Revenue

Cambrist optimises foreign currency rates applied to each payment transaction, enabling improved Fx margins to become revenue for our partners, without increasing costs to cardholders.

Differentiate Products

Cambrist’s Issuer MCO solutions allows our partners to assign different foreign exchange rate margins by currency pair and card product type.

Drive Competitive Advantage

Improved FX rates can be passed directly to cardholders (without further marginal mark-up) thereby creating a competitive advantage in the market.

Increase Transparency

Empower cardholders with real-time access to payment card Fx rates anywhere, anytime and make foreign currency transactions fully transparent for your customers before they make a payment.

How It Works

Issuer MCO transfers the foreign currency management of cross-border card payments from the card associations to the bank issuers and Cambrist.

Cambrist deploys a flexible, cloud based Fx management platform designed to integrate with issuers and processors in a very light-touch manner, minimising the efforts of our partners. Cambrist supports both ISO and API based integration specifications and leverages tokenisation protocols to ensure that private cardholder data remains securely within the issuer’s data centre. Cambrist provides complete issuer pre-authorisation and clearing transaction processing support.

Traditional International Transaction Processing & Settlement

Transactions are acquired, authorised and settled in two different currencies. The payment network must debit the issuer and credit the merchant. Since the issuer and merchant have settlement accounts in different currencies, the payment network will perform an Fx trade to convert the funds. 

Cambrist International Transaction Processing & Settlement

When the Cambrist solution is implemented, additional clearing and settlement currencies are established, which allows the issuing bank to perform financial settlement directly in the currency of the merchant.  

The Fx trade is now between the issuing bank and their cardholder, which is performed by Cambrist on behalf of the issuing bank.