Cambrist’s Multi-currency Wallet solution enables foreign currency (virtual) wallets to be attached to existing current, prepaid, or mobile payment accounts. The additional currency wallets seamlessly integrate within the customer’s existing payment card and remote banking interfaces via Cambrist’s simple API’s.

The Cambrist’s Multi-Currency Wallet solution compliments an issuer or processor’s existing account and card management platform by enabling the foreign currency wallets to be active for international transactions, while maintaining the default domestic currency account structure in place today.


Benefits of Multi-Currency Wallets


Increase Revenue

Generate new revenue via the cardholder’s exchange of funds between each currency wallet.



Enable your cardholders to pay in local currencies while abroad via their existing debit or prepaid card and increase your competitive advantages.


Reduce Customer Churn

Offer your cardholders a travel currency alternative to traditional bureau-de-change and competitor travel card products.

How it Works

The Multi-currency Wallet solution works in tandem with the bank’s standard card & authorisation, clearing & settlement flow.

Under the Multi-currency Wallet solution, Cambrist will maintain the foreign currency wallets attached to the customer’s overall debit, prepaid or virtual account.  

International payment card transactions in a supported currency wallet currency are routed to the Cambrist Multi-currency Wallet platform for authorisations and clearing.